Post Procedure

Non-surgical treatments like microneedling or laser resurfacing can cause the skin to be red, swollen, and irritated. Surgical procedures require special products pre and post operatively to reduce bruising, swelling, and to help scars to heal properly. The Skin Spot has you covered with the most comprehensive collection of post procedure products which include bruise and scar prevention products to help you recover and heal quicker!

Cosmetic Procedure Aftercare Products

Post-procedure skincare products support and encourage the body's natural healing process, ensuring a quick recovery with optimal outcomes. The majority of procedures, surgical or non-surgical, result in some damage to the skin. Post-procedure aftercare is significant in how well your skin recovers from the effects of the treatment.

The skin is often unbroken in non-invasive procedures, allowing patients to resume their usual activities faster. On the other hand, surgical procedures are more invasive and typically require a few weeks of recovery time. In both cases, using approved cosmeceutical and topical medications can expedite the healing process and help prolong results. After a procedure, your performing practitioner will advise you on the method and duration of use for your post-procedure skin products.

Because the skin is sensitive and more delicate after procedures, it is essential to re-establish the skin barrier and nurture it back to health. Proper post-procedure skincare can:

  • Expedite recovery time
  • Enhance results from cosmetic treatments
  • Cleanse the skin, lifting away dead skin cells
  • Restore the skin's barrier
  • Reduce irritation and inflammation
  • Reduce the appearance of scar tissue
  • Improve firmness
  • Prevent post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation
  • Treat ultraviolet sensitivity

Enhance your results after cosmetic treatments with our post-procedure supplements and skincare products. Sunscreen is essential in any skincare routine and is equally crucial on just-treated skin. Avoid irritating and damaging the skin after your treatment by using sunscreen and staying away from sun exposure during healing. Shop from our range of cleansers to help break up dead skin cells, crusting, and scabs and promote natural healing to your skin after a treatment. Our collection of mild moisturizers containing hyaluronic acid can draw moisture into the skin, keeping it continuously hydrated and healthy.

Review our collection of products from masks and silk pillows to sun protection gloves and sun shields that are guaranteed to keep your skin protected after a procedure.

Cosmetic Procedure Aftercare FAQs

  1. What can I put on my skin after plastic surgery?

The treated skin is hypersensitive after a cosmetic surgical procedure; you want to use gentle products during recovery. Use a mild cleanser to clean out any build-up and for healthier, smoother skin. Use a hydrating moisturizer to minimize scarring and lock in the skin's moisture.

  1. How do you moisturize skin after surgery?

Use a gentle moisturizing shower gel or bath additive to prevent the skin from drying up. Use a suntan lotion or cream of SPF 35 and above to Protect your skin from the sun. Apply a moisturizer cream onto the dry skin to keep it hydrated and minimize scarring.

  1. How soon can I use bio oil after surgery?

Wait four weeks after you remove any surgical stitches or until your wound has fully healed before applying bio-oil. Massage and moisturize a small amount into the scar twice daily for at least three months. Doing this will help quicken the skin's natural recovery process.

  1. What is the best cream to put on an incision?

We advise to apply an ointment or antibiotic cream like Vaseline or Aquaphor to your incision. Cover it appropriately with a bandage to prevent bacteria, dirt, and other irritants from entering the wound.

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