Growth Factors

Is your skin feeling sun-damaged and aged? Does your skin need a boost in collagen and some cleaning up? If so, you can have an exclusive skincare regimen using growth factor serums at home. Growth factors are large proteins that initiate different processes in your skin that allow for self-repair; they usually result in significant improvement in tone, wrinkles, fine lines, texture, and discoloration. If you’re searching for a quick pick-me-up for your skin or a serious staple to your routine, we have growth factor products that all skin types are welcome to use.

Skin Rejuvenating Growth Factor Formulas

Develop an exclusive skincare regimen using growth factor serums at home. Growth factors are substances that stimulate cell proliferation, healing, and sometimes cell differentiation. They often contain naturally occurring elements such as proteins, hormones, or cytokines. Growth factors control and maintain homeostasis, keeping body systems stable. These substances act as healing agents, promoting collagen and elastin production to enhance firmness and elasticity. If you want a quick snatch-up or a serious staple to your skin care regimen, explore our skin-renewing products suitable for all skin types.

Growth factor serums imitate the complex interactions of the body cells. They are signaling proteins that stimulate the regeneration of new cells by binding to receptors on growth surfaces. These receptors transmit signals that command cells to replicate and repair, expediting wound healing and promoting a faster recovery.

Growth factors provide glowing, even-toned effects and make a logical addition to product formulas. These products are safe for use, even for sensitive skin types, and have various benefits, including

  • Hydration and skin moisture
  • Improve and reinforce the natural skin barrier
  • Reduction in the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines
  • Improve the appearance of the skin
  • Pore size reduction
  • Improvement in skin texture and tone
  • Tightened lax skin

Our growth factor serums rejuvenate, tighten and smooth the skin, reducing pores and the appearance of wrinkles. The products we offer lock in moisture and improve the look of dry skin. Visible results can be seen within two weeks and continue to improve for up to 24 weeks. 

Growth factor products pair exceptionally well with vitamin C, retinol, hydroquinone, and many other active ingredients and make a great addition to your daily routine. Our growth factor serums and creams go well with other facial serums or moisturizers to maximize results.

Skin Rejuvenating Growth Factor FAQs

  1. Are growth factors safe in skincare?

Growth factor formulas are safe for continued use on the skin and are non-corrosive to the outermost layers. These products are incredibly gentle and well-tolerated by individuals with sensitive to mature skin.

  1. What is a growth factor product?

A growth factor serum is a formulation that contains human growth factors. Growth factors are topical products that contain proteins, hormones, or cytokines that promote cellular growth to combat the signs of aging. These products make a simple and practical addition to any skincare routine.

  1. Why are growth factors good for skin?

Growth factors heal the skin and boost collagen synthesis. They prompt cells to produce components that improve skin firmness and elasticity. These components strengthen the skin barrier while repairing and rejuvenating the skin.

  1. Can I use vitamin C with growth factors?

Growth factors and vitamin C work well together but may need a slight separation. Vitamin C serum formulations have a low pH. The acidic nature of vitamin C can damage the complex ingredients in growth factor serums. After using a vitamin C serum, we advise to wait 15 minutes before applying a growth factor.

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