enVy- COPPER + SILK Pillow (Non-Refundable)

enVy COPPER  SILK Pillow
enVy-  COPPER + SILK Pillow (Non-Refundable)
enVy- COPPER + SILK Pillow (Non-Refundable)
enVy Pillow
*This Product is Non-Refundable

An anti-aging accessory promises to give you sweet dreams without sleep lines. This pillow supports your neck while resting. The infused copper has an antibacterial & healing effect that helps you recover after procedures.

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  • Product Description

    This copper-infused pillow offers antibacterial properties that inhibit bacteria while enhancing skin healing and collagen production. The silk prevents the formation of wrinkles and signs of premature aging, while its advanced technology decreases the stress on the jaw and face during sleep.


    • 14” x 21” with a removable 1” lift
    • Dual neck supports contain different densities and are approximately 3” tall

    Benefits of COPPER + SILK Pillow

    • Anti-bacterial, anti-aging
    • Decreases weight and off-loads the jaw and face during sleep
    • Prevents wrinkles and fine lines
    • Copper produces a healing effect on the skin

    Skin Types

    • Combination
    • Normal
    • Oily
    • Mature
    • Dry

    Proper COPPER + SILK Pillow Usage

    • Place the pillow at a comfortable angle underneath the head and neck area.
    • This pillow can offer support during sleep and wakeful rest.

    Related Skin Concerns

    • Dull skin
    • Aging skin
    • Post-procedure skin

    Applicable Body Parts

    • Face
    • Neck

    Product Features

    • Advanced Copper Technology: This technology contains antibacterial properties and healing effects to combat bacteria, boost collagen, and accelerate healing.
    • Oeko-Tex® Certified Pure 100% Mulberry SILK: This silk ensures there are no chemicals or contaminants present in the fibers of this product.

    COPPER + SILK Pillow FAQs

    How does Natural Latex compare to other foams?
    Natural latex gives the appearance of memory foam by conforming quickly to the head and neck but is less dense, causing a lighter, more supportive, and comfortable lift.

    I have a Latex allergy, can I sleep on your Natural Latex Pillow?
    Yes, you may use the Natural Latex Pillow. Scientific studies show that it is rare to have an allergic reaction to latex when it is present in bedding materials. As an extra precaution, the pillow utilizes a cotton cover resulting in no contact between the latex and its user.

    enVy- COPPER + SILK Pillow (Non-Refundable) Reviews

    “This is the pillow you need if you don’t want fabric wrinkles in your face and want to sleep in an ergonomic position to reduce neck and TMJ pain. This has improved my sleep quality as well. Thank you”
    LYNDA (Verified Buyer)

    5.0 Star Rating
    Skin Type: Normal
    Age: 42+
    Skin Concern: Dehydrated skin

    “I love this Pillow!!! I never wake up with creases from lying on my side! It keeps my skin smooth and my hair isn’t knotty.”
    MICHELLE G. (Verified Buyer)

    5.0 Star Rating
    Skin Type: Combination
    Age: 34-41
    Skin Concern: Fine Lines/Wrinkles

    “It seems wrong to love something this much. For background, I am an acquaintance of Dr. Nazarian and after watching her video about this pillow, I bought it. I am a general surgeon, so have considerable strain on my neck and upper back at work. I had been waking up with neck cricks/cramps, and seemed to always have a stiff neck. Also my shoulders had been starting to hurt, which I attributed to aging. I am a side-sleeper. This pillow almost immediately took my neck/upper back pain away, and I no longer have shoulder pain. I have not had a sore/stiff/cricked neck since using this pillow. I have been using this pillow faithfully for over a year and it is my go-to gift for people I love, I have bought it for almost my whole family, and I have talked so many people into buying it, and it has been life-changing for them as well. I also have my kids using the travel-sized version of this pillow and they LOVE IT. This pillow is so important to me I travel with it (I travel with the full-sized version, including jeep trips on the rubicon trail. I do not leave home without this pillow. I tried the travel version but it is too small -- but perfect for the kids).”
    JACQUELINE G. (Verified Reviewer)
    5.0 Star Rating

    Skin Type: Combination
    Age: 42+
    Skin Concern: Fine Lines/Wrinkles


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