Bluestone Sunshields

Bluestone Sun Shields are The Skin Spot's chic solution to sun protection. Recommended by top medical practitioners, Bluestone Sun Shields are perfect for post-cosmetic procedures and general sun protection. The Chrome Sun Shield offers full privacy and full face coverage with an anti-glare, heat sensitive, hard lens providing full peace of mind that your skin is protected.

Bluestone Sunshields

Bluestone Sunshields, established by licensed esthetician Jen Podany, is the number one doctor-recommended Sunshield brand. It provides sun protection and privacy to patients who have undergone treatments that leave them extremely sensitive to light. Bluestone is on a mission to deliver the most advanced and stylish protection against the sun and its elements by working with leading doctors, skin care professionals, and cosmetic laser manufacturers. Bluestone Sunshields continues to raise awareness about the significance of sun protection by supporting research for individuals impacted by sun sensitivity.

Bluestone Sunshields are designed and assembled in Los Angeles, California. They are uniquely fashionable, gaining much attention from high-end publications like Women's Health, SHAPE Magazine, New Beauty, OK! Magazine and Cosmopolitan Italy. Bluestone UV Shields were designed and curated with the best sun protection in mind and are heat resistant and ANSI Z80.3 approved.

Bluestone Full Lux Sunshield Line is ideal for outdoor activities to give you that extra protection you need. The Shorty Lux Line shelters the upper half of the face with sophistication. The Kitty Lux Line spotlights an adjustable headband, ideal for adults and kids, with a unique design that adds a cute spin to any outfit. Bluestone Sunshield lenses are transparent and flexible and can be worn up like a visor or down to protect your whole face. The lenses are heat resistant, keeping you cool even on the hottest days, and won't bend or warp. Bluestone Sunshields are available in one size, unisex, and come with a travel bag, slipcover, and Bluestone Sunshields Cleaning Kit.

Popular Bluestone products include:

  • Bluestone Sunshades: Bluestone Sunshades come with three interchangeable lenses: rainbow, black, and chrome. They are great for blocking harmful UV rays, minimizing sun glare, and are anti-scratch and anti-fog.
  • Love Sunshades: Love Sunshades come with an exquisite design to add a fashionable touch. Each frame has a unique heart cut out to add a touch of extra special love to your day and comes with a case.
  • Bluestone Visor Hat: Bluestone Visor Hat is a canvas cotton hat with an adjustable clasp and semi-transparent plastic visor bill that blocks approximately 50% of UV rays.

Bluestone Sunshields is committed to making a social impact and continues to be an industry leader by maintaining sustainable manufacturing processes and donating personal protective equipment to those in need.

Bluestone Sunshields FAQs

  1. What is a UV visor?

  1. UV visors are stylish sun shields made from unique materials fortified with SPF to block the sun's harmful ultraviolet rays. They fully cover the face and come in several styles and designs.
  1. How do I clean Bluestone Sunshields?

  1. Bluestone Sunshields come with a three-piece cleaning kit to keep it smudge-free and looking fresh. To clean, spray the headband's surface and wipe it down. Also, we recommend disinfecting the headband using a good disinfectant and allowing it to dry.
  1. Do UV face shields work?

  1. Face shields with UV protection can protect the entire face from the harmful effects of the sun. It remains one of the most effective protective measures against sun damage and skin cancer.
  1. Do visors protect eyes from sun?

  2. A wide-brimmed hat or visor stops at least half of the UV rays from reaching the eyes while minimizing exposure to the top or sides of your sunglasses frames. This design protects the eyes as UV rays can bounce off the concrete, water, or snow and find a way into the eyes.
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