Saian Skincare

Saian Natural Clinical Skincare is a boutique professional esthetic line that is 100% female owned and operated, staffed by licensed estheticians. Skincare is our passion - we have been making award-winning, clean skincare products since 2006. What does clean skincare mean to us? No artificial colors, no artificial fragrances, and no parabens. The products are gluten-free, vegan, and non-habit forming. Our finely-tuned line  repairs, hydrates, soothes and nurtures the skin you have, as well as  prevents premature signs of aging. 


Saian® Natural Clinical Skincare is a professional esthetic line creating innovative products with natural ingredients for all ethnicities and skin types. In 2006, Margarita Saian, world-renowned and state-certified educator, Ambassador of the Aesthetics International Association (AIA), created Saian skincare. Well-read in esthetics and mesotherapy, Ms. Saian was active in the professional skincare industry for 20 years. She constantly researched new ways to improve the Saian product line and raise industry standards. She trained skin care experts, physicians, and nurses all around the world until passing away in 2015, leaving her daughter Dasha in charge of the company. She is now proudly carrying on Margarita's legacy.

Saian skincare is a well-known female-owned and operated brand that skincare professionals all around the world rely on. As a brand staffed by estheticians with skin as their passion, Saian has a mission to be true to the professional esthetics industry. Saian creates cutting-edge natural hypoallergenic skincare products with no artificial colors, fragrances, and no parabens suitable for use on the most sensitive skin. Saian specializes in ethnic skin, encouraging individuals to love and honor their complexion. They should maintain their skin using finely tuned Saian products that restore the skin and prevent premature aging.

Saian offers workshop classes and seminars to encourage a well-rounded educational curriculum incorporating topical treatments, ingredient knowledge, nutrition, and equipment knowledge. The Skin Spot offers Saian professional skincare products and skincare devices available to shop, comprising:

  • Saian-FirmAge Portable RF Device
  • Saian-Skin Scrubber Spatula
  • Saian-Active Renewal Serum
  • Saian-Active Renewal Creme
  • Saian-Detox Charcoal Clearing Mask
  • Saian-Collagen + Stem Cell Eye Masks
  • Saian-Pure Hyaluronic Acid Serum
  • Saian-CoolDuo Massagers
  • Saian-Silicone Applicator Spatula Trio
  • Saian-Esty Fridge
  • Saian-Pumpkin Spice Mask

Saian is a pure and clean skincare line providing American-made skincare products and equipment for estheticians with instant, cumulative results and a mission to educate and support.

Saian FAQs

  1. Do skin scrubbers really work?

    Deep cleaning skin scrubbers can remove even the most difficult built-up dirt and debris, helping the pores to look smaller. They enhance the skin texture and tone and improve the absorption of skin products.

  2. What are enzyme masks?

    Enzyme masks are wash-off or peel-off masks made predominantly with natural ingredients. They act like chemical exfoliants but are not as harsh, and you do not have to rub them into the skin to scrub off impurities. We advise you to use them sparingly, at least once a week.

  3. What are Saian ice globes?

    Saian ice globes are the ultimate frozen massage tools giving a cold, refreshing benefit to facial treatments. They reduce redness and relax the skin after waxing, laser, extractions, and injections, stimulating blood circulation and skin oxygenation.

  4. How does Saian Anti Hyperpigmentation Serum work?

    Saian Anti-Hyperpigmentation Serum contains Arbutin and non-toxic whitening agents that address discoloration and hyperpigmentation by promoting a bright skin tone on all skin types. They also reduce the appearance of aging spots and minimize the level of skin tanning after UV exposure.

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