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How to survive this virus and come out looking even better! Being quarantined is definitely a change, but when do you ever get the opportunity to stay home for weeks and take time for self-care, almost never!  Celebrity plastic surgeon, Dr. Sheila Nazarian shares some of her top secrets for at-home skincare to look even more refreshed than before! Read on to learn more about Snail Microneedling and the benefits it offers your skin. 

Snail Mucus?

Using Biopelle ampules which contain snail growth factors to help enhance the skin dates back to ancient Greece. Hippocrates was known for treating inflammation of the skin with crushed up snails and sour milk. While we are in no way suggesting you find a snail and crush it, there are products on the market that give the same beauty benefits without harm to our slow-moving friends.

In today’s modern world, Chilean farmers who handle snails to be sold on the French market were noticing how smooth the skin was on their hands. This discovery led to harvesting the snail’s mucus for facial creams

When the snails are handled, they excrete a thick fluid. This is a defense mechanism. The mucus that is secreted contains hyaluronic acid, glycoprotein enzymes, antimicrobial and copper peptides, and proteoglycans. All these nutrients are commonly found in beauty products as they have many healing properties to the skin. 



What is Microneedling?

Microneedling is a minimally invasive cosmetic procedure that can help stimulate collagen production. It has been known to help decrease the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles, acne scars, and stretch marks. 

Microneedling can be done at home or in a cosmetic provider’s office. The difference between a home roller and a medical provider treatment will be the depth of the needles and technique being used. 

The derma roller contains small needles that will produce micro-punctures in the skin. This will increase the absorption of products being placed on the skin. The purpose is to help stimulate collagen while causing the skin to become smoother, firmer and more toned.

Why Should You Combine Snail Growth Factor Products with Microneedling?

Snail slime contains what is known as growth factor. These properties, as we have already talked about, help restore a youthful appearance to the skin through the upregulation of collagen and elastin. Microneedling will cause thousands of micro-holes on the skin. Then the snail mucus can be massaged into the face, and truly help improve the look and feel of facial skin. 

Dr. Nazarians At Home Snail Microneedling Treatment

Getting the right products to do your at-home snail microneedling treatment is everything. Using high-quality products will ensure you will get the results you are after. Right now is the perfect time to engage in an at-home microneedling treatment, as you will come out of quarantine looking refreshed, renewed and revived. 

Here is What you will need:


Environ Cosmetic Gold Roller - Our roller is 14 ct gold- plated, which contains antibacterial properties. It is designed to be used in sensitive areas such as under the eyes, around the nose and mouth. It contains 260 needles at a depth of 0.2 mm. Rated to last up to three years.


Biopelle Tensage Intensive Serum 40 Ampoules - This intensive serum contains high levels of growth factor that can help regenerate skin within 24 hours. Containing Cryptomphalus aspersa Snail mucus, which will help restore elasticity, tone, and texture. One application can produce amazing results, as it helps the skin heal and repair itself.


Clinical Resolution Peptide Aqua Gel Mask - Using an innovative technology known as TCD (Transdermal Cosmetic Delivery). TCD absorbs body heat and releases it to other areas of the skin. This cooling mask is known for smoothing the skin while providing intense moisture that is needed for the hydration of your skin. Most masks have terrible preservatives, not this one!

Microneedling Directions

Start by placing the Biopelle Ampules on clean skin (snail growth factor). You will want to do your microneedling in sections, which would include the forehead, nose, cheeks, mouth area and both sides of the neck. 

Start with the forehead and roll vertically. Thoroughly roll over the area and gradually move across the skin until the forehead has been completely treated. You will want to roll over each area about two to five times in a vertical direction. The snail growth factor will need to be reapplied once microneedling is complete on each section of the face.  Following this, apply the Aqua Peptide Gel mask to lock the growth factors and moisture in. This mask is my absolute favorite as it has peptides and hyaluronic acid (which can penetrate after microneedling) and doesn’t have harmful preservatives.

Repeat this regimen 2-3 times per week and enjoy smoother, tighter, and more glowy skin!


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Since I can't see you in the office... it's the least I can do. There is so much you can do from home with the right products. You should have a product from each of these categories: GRASS 🌳 Growth Factor Retinol Antioxidant Sunscreen Specialty (I like a pigment correct or glycolic pads) 🌟 And a fantastic at home treatment: 1. Wash face 2. Apply Biopelle snail serum 3. Use Gold roller for at-home microneedling 4. Apply more Biopelle serum 5. Apply Gel Mask 🌟 . . . Not sure what to get? Email for free consultations ❤ I will also put these products in my stories so you can swipe up #IGotYouBoo 🥰 . . . is a curated site for medical-grade products. I have tried everything and looked at the studies. Sick of buying stuff that doesn't work? Me too... that's why I started TSS 👏🏼 . . . Sign up for the newletter at the bottom of the homepage for skincare blogs and specials 💞 and follow @theskinspot for product features and tips 💕 #TheSkinSpot #Skincare #SkinHealth #SkincareAtHome #Glow #NowYouHaveTheTime #LetsDoThis #SelfCare #Quarantine #COVID #Beauty #MedicalGrade #Proven #Scientific #Studied #SheilaNazarian

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What Do You Think?

Have you tried snail microneedling in the past? Are you new to this type of treatment? Comment below and tell us what you think! 

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