Tips for Setting Up a Home Office

The increase in the virtual world has led to many individuals working from anywhere, including their home offices. It is important to have not only an aesthetically pleasing workspace but also a fully functional space in order to promote productivity. In this guide, we will discuss setting up a home office for remote work. 

Look for Stylish Storage

Let’s face it. Storage options are not always the most aesthetically pleasing. However, there are options out there that span further than metal filing cabinets. Look for boxes or containers that may not typically be used in the office but can surely be incorporated there. If you are loving the organizational appeal of a metal cabinet, but not the look, you could always add magnets or paint over it. 

Setting Up a Home Office

Utilize Wall Space

One of the most overlooked areas of office space is the walls. However, wall space in the office can be utilized to your advantage. Corkboards and calendars can be easily hung up on the walls and are great tools for organization. Magnetic boards may also be an option. Wall areas are great places for organization but can also be used for storage purposes as well. For instance, you may decide on installing floating shelves. 

Setting up a home office

Look at Dining Furniture

I know we are shopping for your “home office” and not your kitchen space, but you will be surprised by what you find. Often, items that are labeled as office furniture or decor carry a heavy price tag. Setting up a home office on a budget can be difficult if you do not know where to look. You can find furniture options in other departments, especially the dining department, that can fit your aesthetic and will not break the bank. The most common items that can be found for less are tables, allowing you to pick up a new desk or a side table.  

Setting up a home office

Don’t Forget the Gadgets

While we are in the decorating momentum, it is easy for us to forget more of the essentials that we need in our office space. While you need a productive space, you also need the equipment that will keep that space productive. What you need in your office could depend on the type of work that you will be doing. Maybe, you need a printer with Bluetooth capabilities. This could also mean dedicated equipment for podcast recording, such as state of the art microphones. Or, maybe you just need a new laptop computer. It is important not to forget these key aspects. 

setting up a home office

Add Personal Touches

Although your home office should be distinctly different from the rest of your house. As in, it should promote a work environment. This does not mean that you cannot add your own personal touch to your office. Add a few things that you like, such as plants or a framed picture of your family. These little touches will help the office feel more like you. 

Now, step back and take it all in. You now have a beautifully decorated office that is based on functionality. Storage? Check. Gadgets? Check. Personalization? Check. You can now do work and be content in the home environment. 

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