Taking Care of Your Hair and Skin While in Quarantine

The Coronavirus has us all quarantine within our homes, but we can use this time to pamper ourselves in ways that we never have time for while working our 9 to 5 jobs. Improve your hair and skin quality from within! These are Dr. Nazarian's favorite hair, skin, and lifestyle vitamins

How Can Vitamins Improve our Hair and Skin?

Hair and skin are things that people look at as signs of beauty, health, and virility. Often, underlying health issues can cause hair loss, as well as cause deficiencies within our hair, nails, and skin. Just like any other parts of our bodies, our hair and skin need a variety of nutrients to help it remain healthy and strong. 

Other factors such as age, genetics, and hormones can also play a role in the health of our hair, and skin. A well-balanced diet that contains all the essential nutrients is one of the best ways to ensure you are getting what is needed to keep your body healthy. However, if you have a deficiency, you may have to turn to supplements for help. 

Dr. Nazarian’s Favorite Hair, Skin, and Lifestyle Vitamins

Board-certified Plastic Surgeon, Dr. Sheila Nazarian, is no stranger to seeing skin that needs to be rejuvenated. Although she treats her patients in a variety of ways, she always recommends vitamins to help improve the appearance of hair, skin and overall well-being.


Nutrafol Core for Women

Nutrafol Core hair vitamins are designed with females in mind. These vitamins work to target underlying issues which can cause hair loss. Nutrafol uses medical-grade ingredients to help decrease stress and fatigue. In addition, these vitamins help improve skin, nails, sleep, mood, and energy. Dr. Nazarian has been using these vitamins for 2 years now and is so impressed by them, she often posts on her Instagram page about them!

Clinical Study

80% of women found that by taking Nutrafol once a day, it made a major difference in hair growth, strength and shine, texture, density and more. Read our Nutrafol Reviews here!

Recommended Daily Dose

Four capsules each day to be taken with meals. 

Ingredients include:

  • Hydrolyzed Collagen - Collagen is mainly found in connective tissues, bones, and skin. Hydrolyzed Collagen goes through a process that breaks down the proteins into amino acids and peptides. Hydrolyzed means it is an easily dissolvable form of collagen protein. Benefits of collagen supplements include: Improve the health of skin, helps relieve joint pain, improve gut health, increase the strength of hair and nails, supports weight management and supports bone formation.
  • Saw Palmetto - This supplement is a type of dwarf palm tree that is native to the Southeastern part of the United States. Saw Palmetto supplements may help decrease hair loss, improve urinary function, and may decrease inflammation. For men, this supplement is also known to help BPH, and may also help with infertility and libido.  
  • Sensoril® Ashwagandha - This powerful adaptogen is a unique combination of leaves and roots from the Withania Somnifera plant. Benefits of this supplement include: Reduces stress, boosts energy, improves focus, helps increase upper and lower body strength, improves sleep quality, improves mental health, mood, fatigue and vitality, supports joint health, cardiovascular health and encourages healthy endothelial function and lipids. 


    Nutrafol Core For Men

    Nutrafol Core for men contains medical-grade ingredients that are designed to help improve growth, quality, and thickness of hair. Also, this supplement will help decrease stress, fatigue, improve sleep, focus and promote overall wellness.

    Recommended Daily Dose

    Four capsules each day to be taken with meals. 

    Ingredients include:

    • Hydrolyzed Collagen - Collagen has many benefits including increasing the health of hair, nails and skin, may help relieve joint pain, improve gut health, support bone formation, and weight management. 
    • Saw Palmetto - In men, Saw Palmetto is commonly used to help with BPH (enlargement of the prostate). It is also said to help with male pattern baldness, infertility, and libido. Also, this supplement has been known to help decrease inflammation and improve urinary function. The Saw Palmetto is a dwarf palm tree found in the Southeastern parts of the United States. 
    • Sensoril® Ashwagandha - Know for its wealth of benefits which includes: Reduction of stress, increase in energy, increase mental focus, improve upper and lower body strength, improves sleep quality, improves mental health, mood, fatigue, and vitality, supports joint health, cardiovascular health and encourages healthy endothelial function and lipids. 
    • Evolnmax - Designed by ExcelVite, and is a water-dispersible natural full spectrum palm tocotrienol/tocopherol complex. It acts as an antioxidant.
    • BCM-95® Biocurcumin - This supplement is comprised of natural plant extracts. Promotes a healthy inflammation response and is 100% natural, meaning there are no artificial additives, GMO-Free, Sugar-Free, Gluten-Free, Soy Free and Suitable for vegetarians.


    Nutrafol Hairbiotic MD 

    Nutrafol Hairbiotic is the newest supplement to be added to the Nutrafol line. Hairbiotic is known as a gut-optimizing seven-strain probiotic that is designed to help enhance the absorption of nutrients. This plays a key role in improving the way hair grows. It is highly recommended that you take this hair-boosting supplement with Nutrafol Core. The combination will help improve hair-quality, digestive health, and overall well-being.

    Ingredients include:

    • Powered by 270 billion CFUs of seven probiotic strains - Probiotics help improve gut health. Nutrafol recognizes that even those of us who eat healthy may still not absorb enough nutrients. This is mainly because of an imbalance that has formed between good and bad bacteria within your gut. Once this imbalance is cared for, you will be able to effectively absorb the nutrients in your supplements and food more efficiently. Hairbiotic promotes the growth of healthy bacteria and improves nutrient retention in the gut with 7 probiotic strains. Creating the best environment for hair to grow. 
    • L. Reuteri - Known to improve hair quality—think thick, lustrous growth. This probiotic may help fight infections, May reduce inflammation and increase beneficial TREGs, May improve gut health (possibly decreasing IBS and IBD symptoms), and May help lower cholesterol.
    • Lactobacillus Rhamnosus GG - This ingredient has numerous benefits and uses for the digestive tract. Benefits of this probiotic including prevention and treatment of diarrhea, may help with symptoms of IBS, help prevent cavities, may help UTIs, improve gut health, May promote weight loss, May increase insulin sensitivity, May reduce blood cholesterol, May fight allergies, and May help treat acne. 
    • Bacillus Subtilus - This probiotic may help improve your immune system, gut health, and may help fight off UTIs.


    Lumity Beauty and Wellness Supplement

    The Lumity Supplement is a morning and evening two-step process. It is all-natural and acts as an anti-aging defense. The morning supplement encourages the stimulation of collagen, as well as detoxification and oxidative repair. The evening supplement is designed to promote the release of human growth hormones to help repair body tissue and to enjoy a good night’s sleep. Lumity will help improve skin, hair, and nails, while also giving you a burst of energy, helping you stay more alert and sleeping better at night. Benefits are typically seen within the first 30 days of taking the supplements, while optimal results occur around 90 days.

    AM Supplement:

    • Formulated with the brand's 'Vita Complex' - Contains vitamins C and E, Selenium and Zinc to help protect your body on a cellular level against oxidative stress.

    PM Supplement:

    • Renew Complex - High in Omega 3’s and amino acids which keeps skin elastic, radiant and supple.

    Benefits of Lumity:

    • Vitality and brain health supplements
    • Beautiful skin, hair, and nails 
    • Strong bones, muscles, joints, and teeth 
    • Protection against oxidative stress
    • A healthy immune system
    • Optimum nutrient absorption and metabolism

    What’s On Your Mind?

    Do you have a hair, nail and skin supplement that you swear by? Have you tried any of the supplements above? We want to hear from you! Take a minute to comment below and tell us what you think!

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