What is The Best Scar Cream?

Scars can be worn as badges of honor, but can also lead to insecurities. There is no shame in wanting to lighten or reduce the visible appearance of your scars. You may be wondering how that might be possible. The answer can be found in the active ingredients that are present in certain creams. Remember, not all creams are made equal. Below, we will dive into one of the most highly sought after and most effective scar treatment products on the market today. 

Silagen Scar Cream

Silicone Scar Creams

Silicone scar creams are highly-praised and are one of the most effective treatment options for scars and can be applied in the comfort of your own home. These skincare products that contain silicone are clinically proven to be an effective treatment method for various scar types. The types of scars that silicone scar creams can treat include keloid, acne, burn, and surgical scars. While silicone creams are considered a comprehensive treatment option, silicone gel sheets that are self-adhesive can also be very effective. 

What is Silagen?

When scarring comes into question, we are often asked by patients what the first line of defense should be. We recommend products that are comprehensive and contain medical-grade silicone to help minimize scarring. Silagen is just that and more, as it contains a complete scar refinement system. Silicone is the main proponent of Silagen allows the system to be an effective treatment option. Treatment with Silagen is able to be customized, as there are multiple different products that are part of the system.

How Does Silicone Work?

Silicone has been long regarded as an effective scar treatment option. There are multiple ways that silicone is thought to help minimize poor scarring.  In general, scarring is biologically made to be quick, not pretty.  This is to prevent infection.  However, with the advent of antibiotic ointments and other infection prevention methods currently available, we now value the aesthetics of scars. Silicone sits on top of the scar and acts as a protective layer, keeping the skin underneath moisturized and minimizing inflammation. Moisture prevents scar dehydration which prevents the signaling to the skin cells (keratinocytes) to produce tons of collagen to create a thick scar.

Another benefit of silicone therapy is in silicone sheeting, which takes tension off of the scar as well and this also minimizes overproduction of collagen and therefore, results in a thinner and flatter scar.  The silicone sheeting also increases the temperature of the scar and this is thought to also improve scar formation. Lastly, the pressure from the sheeting slightly decreases blood flow to the scar, thus minimizing bulky scar formation.

When to start using Silagen

After injury or surgery, the skin may take around 2 weeks to sufficiently heal. During this time, intervention with scar therapy will have little to no effect as high collagen levels are required at this early wound healing stage. We recommend using Silagen gel starting at 2 weeks when the wound is fully healed without any raw or open areas. Silagen sheeting should be started at 4 weeks after injury.

How to use Silagen

Silagen products are available on but are password protected. Your doctor will be able to determine your scar treatment plan and if he or she recommends Silagen, you can email to obtain the password to purchase.  You should always include your doctor or surgeon in your scar therapy plan and let them know that you will be using Silagen for your scars. 

In general, you will want to utilize the Pure Silicone Gel after a scar or burn has gone through the natural healing process. The gel contains medical-grade silicone and does not contain irritating ingredients. The Pure Silicone Gel is typically recommended to be applied twice a day. If your scar is in a location where it has the potential to be exposed to the sun, then the Silicone Gel + SPF 31 may be recommended, as it is ideal for providing protection and preventing hyperpigmentation of your scar. While the gel is highly recommended for day time use, Silagen also provides patients with silicone stickers that can shape the body’s contour. This is especially effective for those experiencing liposuction, breast augmentation, lift or reduction, and tummy tuck scarring.  

Scars are typically an unavoidable part of the healing process. However, there are steps you can take to minimize them. If you are wanting to reduce the visual appearance of your scarring, contact your doctor today to find out if Silagen is right for you and your needs. 

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