10 Ways of Soaking Up Vitamin D While Inside

Vitamin D is an essential vitamin for our body for many different reasons, as vitamin D directly relates to bone and brain health. It is important to get daily recommended amounts of essential vitamins and minerals. Sunshine is one of the ways that allows our bodies to produce vitamin D. You may be wondering how you can still reach the proper levels of vitamin D when you’re stuck inside. Thankfully, there are some ways of soaking up vitamin D without having to venture outside. 

Soaking Up Vitamin D

#1 Sit Near The Window

Sitting near an open window on a sunny day can help you to raise your vitamin D levels. Keep in mind that almost all glass blocks UVB rays. This means that the window will need to be open in order for you to reap the proper benefits. This is the perfect way of soaking up vitamin D while in quarantine! 

#2 Check The Labels 

There are many foods like cereals and plant-based milk that contain vitamin D. However, it might take a little searching. Get in the habit of checking labels on your food products to see how much of your daily recommended vitamin amounts they contain. 

#3 Take a Vitamin Supplement 

Due to being at home more than ever, it is more likely that individuals are not getting their recommended daily values due to not grocery shopping as often for fresh produce. As a result, these individuals will want to consider taking a daily vitamin supplement to help reach their daily values. 

Soaking Up Vitamin D Nutrafol

You may want to consider the supplements Lumity and Nutrafol. Are you lacking energy or have difficulty falling asleep? Lumity may be the option for you. Lumity and Nutrafol are both specifically designed to help with hair and skin, plus nails. Also, check out Nutrafol for Men.  

#4 Consume More Dairy

When it comes to dairy, you can eat or drink it. There is many types of milk, as well as non-dairy milk alternatives, that contain sufficient amounts of vitamin D to help you reach your daily recommended amounts. 

#5 Eat Egg Yolks 

You may have heard that eggs are great if you are wanting to boost your vitamin D intake. However, it is actually the egg yolks that contain all the vitamin D goodness versus the whites. 

So, make sure to keep the yolks! 

#6 Cook Up Some Beef Liver

While it may not sound like the most appetizing option on our list, beef liver is one of the only foods that offers vitamin D. Although a small amount, beef liver can be incorporated into many meals. 

#7 Eat Canned Salmon

Canned fish, including salmon, contains many essential vitamins and minerals. It is also a fantastic source of vitamin D to help you boost your intake. 

#8 Utilize a Light Therapy Lamp

Although you may not be able to get natural light, you can still get artificial light. In general, they can help you increase your light exposure and may even help to boost your mood. 

Soaking Up Vitamin D mushrooms

#9 Munch on Some Mushrooms

Mushrooms are one of the few foods that contain Vitamin D. While you can purchase some from the grocery store, you could also grow your own. 

#10 Drink Orange Juice

Orange juice has more than just vitamin C, as drinking orange juice can also help you get some vitamin D. 

With being stuck inside, we need to put our health and wellness at the forefront. Although you might not be able to venture outside, soaking up vitamin D does have to be difficult. There are still ways that you can get enough vitamin D. Utilize these tips to help you amp up your intake. 

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