Vitamin Patches: The Effectiveness and Health Potential


Vitamin Patches are one of the latest supplement ‘gadgets’ that have recently gained a lot of attention. These weight loss patches are bandages that contain specific ingredients that can aid in weight loss. After being applied, the adhesive patches have the purpose of gradually transmitting the ingredients to your body.

It can sound miraculous, but believe it or not, they actually work. These dermal stick-on patches can transfer fat-burning or metabolism-boosting substances to your skin, promoting a quicker yet, more slimmed-down appearance.

If you prefer not to take pills or injections, a patch may be a more convenient way to take some drugs. These medication-containing patches connect to your skin and get absorbed through it, rather than the digestive system.

Are The Patches Really a Weight-Loss Miracle?

Obesity medicine specialists claim that these patches contain transdermal substances that can assist in fat burning and metabolism boost.

Furthermore, researchers in Singapore claimed that these patches helped to enhance expenditure, resulting in a reduction in body fat growth. In their experiments, these patches lowered weight gain and fat mass by more than 30%.

The Gold-Standard Ingredients

Japanese mint, green tea extract, green coffee bean extract, and bitter orange are common constituents in these patches. They can also contain essential oils, vitamins, and other skin-moisturizing substances.

Vitamin Patches - Can You Absorb Nutrients Through Skin?

The skin can act as a getaway to deliver the most essential nutrients to the body. These nutrients can be transferred to the cells via various structures inside the skin using the patches described above. The graphic below illustrates those particular structures.

The Diversity of Vitamin Patches

Most Skin Care Centers recommend these dermal stick-on patches to promote weight reduction and improve general health. Nazarian Plastic Surgery, as one of them, provides a range of patches, including the three kinds listed below.

Sculpt Patch 

Vitri Patch MultiVit

Renew Patch


Boosting diet by suppressing appetite;

Boosting mental and physical performance;

Promoting skin elasticity and hair health and growth;


  • Goldenseal;
  • Myrrh;
  • Echinacea;
  • Garcinia
  • Cambogia;
  • Vitamin B12 (Methylcobalamin);
  • Vitamins A, C, D, E, K;
  • Vitamin B-Complex (B1, B2, B3, B5, B6, B7, B9, & B12);
  • Omega 3 & Omega 6;
  • Zinc, Lysine, Vitamin D;
  • Antioxidants;
  • Magnesium, Potassium, Calcium, Iron;
  • Collagen & Hyaluronic Acid;
  • Biotin & Saw Palmetto;
  • Resveratrol & Zinc;
  • Ashwagandha;
  • Antarctic Krill Oil, Piper Nigrum, and Vitamins A, E, C;

How does it work?

Decreases swelling and increases comfort while supporting the lymphatic system to remove dead fat cells;

The powerful multivitamin patch protects cells with super antioxidants and, therefore, supports healthy health and brain function;

Delivers a specific dose of gold-standard ingredients known for powerful anti-aging properties;









Latex Free:




Vitamin Patches FAQs

1. Do vitamin patches actually work?

Yes. Vitamin patches are intended to provide nutrients transdermally, via the skin, directly into the bloodstream. While some users experience beneficial outcomes, efficacy varies depending on the individual and the compounds contained in the patch.

2. Can vitamins be absorbed through the skin with a patch?

Yes, they can be absorbed transdermally. Nutrients are being delivered directly into the bloodstream without any interaction with the digestive system.

3. Do vitamin patches have side effects?

Like any other supplement, some individuals can face skin irritation due to allergy, or the adhesive in general. Therefore, a consultation with your healthcare provider is essential.

4. Where is the best place for a vitamin patch?

Clean and dry skin areas are the most common, yet optimal places that the patches can be applied to. Such areas are the shoulders, hips, and inner wrist.

5. What is the truth about vitamin patches?

If consumers are having difficulty taking traditional supplements orally, vitamin patches may be the ideal alternative for them. Despite the lack of scientific data, the reviews agree that they can aid with nutrition delivery.

6. What are the pros and cons of vitamin patches?

Vitamin patches can boost diet by suppressing appetite as well as improving mental and physical performance. Skin irritation and potentially reduced efficiency owing to skin barriers are among the few downsides.

7. How long do you wear a vitamin patch?

Depending on the manufacturer, the period spent wearing the patches can vary. However, most patches are worn for 8 hours, or throughout the day.

8. How many vitamin patches can you wear at once?

The optimal number of vitamin patches worn at once is 3-5. To ensure your safety and avoid any side effects, we suggest following the manufacturer’s guidelines.

9. What is the #1 side effect of using the patch?

Since the vitamin patches are applied on the skin, the #1 side effect that can occur is skin irritation. Spotting or sore breasts can also occur when consumers use specific patches like birth control.

10. Is the patch FDA-approved?

Unfortunately, the vitamin patches aren’t FDA-approved. The FDA's primary objective is guaranteeing the safety and efficacy of supplements that consumers ingest into their bodies.

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