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Silagen – Silicone Gel + SPF 30


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  • Includes medical grade silicone + zinc oxide
  • No chemical sunscreens
  • Helps prevent UV-induced scar hyperpigmentation
  • Non-comedogenic and non-irritating
  • Ideal for exposed areas such as face, neck, chest, arms, hands


  1. Begin use after 2 weeks. * You may begin using the gel once the wound has closed – no bleeding or oozing – and after any removable stitches have been removed.
  2. Do not put on open wounds.
  3. Ensure scar area is clean and dry, as well as free from creams, lotions, ointments and powders.
  4. Apply a very small amount of gel to scar and gently massage.
  5. Allow to dry.
  6. Once dry, cosmetics and compression garments may be used over the scar.
  7. Use twice daily for 8-12 weeks for optimal results. Patients who use Silagen consistently twice a day for 2 months get the best results.
  8. If you are prone to forming excessive scars (hypertophic or keloid) you may want to continue treatment for up to 6 months.
  9. Do not use the gel under Silagen silicone sheets, strips or shapes. They will not stick to the skin if you do.

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