Environ Derma Lac Body Lotion
Environ Derma Lac Body Lotion
Derma Lac Body Lotion
Environ Derma Lac Body Lotion before and after
Environ Derma Lac Body Lotion brfore and after
Environ- Derma-Lac Body Lotion

Environ- Derma-Lac Body Lotion

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  • Product Description

    Environ Body DermaLac Lotion contains a medium concentration of Alpha Hydroxy Acids (Lactic acid, Urea, and Ammonium Lactate) for use on rough, sun-damaged, and congested skin. It's lightly scented and more watery in consistency. We love this product for the bumpy back of arms and scarring from active or old back acne. This hydrating lotion helps smooth and soften dry, rough skin on the elbows, feet, and knees as well as providing an overall soothing experience. This is a must-have for body exfoliation. If you want to learn more about the best skincare for Dry Skin, see the following collection: Dry Skin

    Product Size: 6.67 fl oz | 200 mL

    Environ Derma-Lac Body Lotion Benefits

    • These gentle non-toxic acids help to soften and smoothen the appearance of the skin.
    • Helps in hydrating and improving the appearance of rough, dry, calloused skin on elbows, knees, heels, and feet.
    • Moisturises the skin

    How to Use Derma-Lac Body Lotion

    Introduce slowly and gradually build up to twice daily usage. Always use with A, C & E oil as this product is too drying on its own

    Derma Lac Lotion Ingredients 

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