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Account Troubleshooting

Please click this link to request a password reset.

Once you have submitted the request. It can take up to 10 mins for it to appear in your inbox.

If you don’t see it in your inbox, please make sure to check your spam/junk folders as it will sometimes end up there.

When searching for the email it will be coming from “info@theskinspot.com” or “The Skin Spot”. It will have a subject line of “Password reset for The Skin Spot”.

If you aren’t receiving any emails from The Skin Spot, please make sure you have checked your spam/junk folders. It has most likely ended up there.

If it was being pushed to your spam/junk folders, you can add info@theskinspot.com to your email contacts so it is a trusted and known account. This will make any emails coming from The Skin Spot arrive in your inbox.

To edit your account information please navigate to your Account page. Once here you will click on Addresses or Account Details.

Once logged into your account, you can view orders that you have placed at theskinspot.com by logging in and clicking on the Orders tab.


Refund not available on yearly memberships once the discount has been applied to an order.

If you have not applied the discount to any orders, then you may be eligible for a refund. Please contact our Customer Care Team, manager@nazarianplasticsurery.com, for inquiries.

The Skin Spot offers 3 membership levels for purchase.

  • Silver – $99/year – receives 20% off select purchases and free shipping on order over $49
  • Gold – $129/year – receives 30% off select purchases and free shipping on order over $49
  • Platinum – $169/year – receives 40% select all purchases and free shipping on all orders

*Not All Skincare Lines Available for Membership Discount


TheSkinSpot.com ships to all 50 U.S. States at a standard shipping rate of $6.95. If your order totals $49 or more, The Skin Spot will ship your order complimentary to the contiguous United States. TheSkinSpot.com processes orders Monday – Friday in the order in which they are received. Please allow 7-10 business days for order processing and shipping.

If you are platinum member of TheSkinSpot.com, we will ship your order complimentary to the contiguous United States.

TheSkinSpot.com ships to Canada and Mexico at a standard shipping rate of $14.99

Please report lost/stolen packages to our Customer Care Team, manager@nazarianplasticsurgery.com, immediately so we can begin investigating the issue.
If for some reason your package is refused or undeliverable, you will be charged a $15.00 fee for USPS packages. Please double-check that your shipping address is correct before you place an order to avoid incurring this fee.
If you need to change the delivery address of your package after it has been shipped, please note that you will be charged an $15 fee for re-shipping the package. If the package is returned by sender, we will ship it out to you once we get the package back. If the package is accepted by someone else, you will be responsible to get your products from that person or re-order from us and incur the fees for the new products purchased. Please note that any change in address will delay the arrival of your package.
We know it can be hard to wait for a back-ordered item, so when a product goes on back-order, we display the date it is expected to arrive in our offices on the product’s description page. If you would rather order something else, we can help you find a similar item. Just let us know!

*If you place an order with multiple items and one or more are backordered, your order will be shipped using the method selected at time of purchase. The backordered item(s) will be sent separately via our free standard shipping option.

**If your order only contained one item and it is on back-order, that item will be shipped using the method selected at the time of purchase.


Sunscreen is an important skin care product and it provides many preventative benefits. When applied, you are protecting your skin against harmful rays from the sun, including UVA and UVB. These can cause conditions such as sunburns, premature skin aging such as dull, matte, tired looking skin, brown discolorations, broken capillaries, age spots, weather-beaten skin, wrinkles, and more. They complement other products such as anti-aging creams and lotions since they help prevent additional occurrences of brown spots and wrinkles.

SPF refers to sun protection factor. This term helps sunscreen users identify the amount of protection a product will provide against harmful UVB rays. With this rating, you can determine how long you will need to stay in the sun without experiencing sunburn. If you can stay in the sun for 15 minutes without protection, then a SPF of 10 will allow you stay in the sun 10 times that amount, or 150 minutes. Regardless of the rating, it is recommended that most products are applied multiple times instead of just once in the morning.

The two types of sunscreens are the traditional “chemical” products and the “chem-free” ones. Chemical sunscreens contain active ingredients that include avobenzone to reinforce the skin. The ingredients work by aligning on your skin and then absorbing and neutralizing any incoming harmful UV rays. Chem-free sunscreens are considered “carbon free” because they substitute carbon-based active ingredients with one or two mineral based ingredients to protect your skin from UV. These minerals are titanium dioxide and zinc oxide. They help block and reflect the sun’s rays from contacting your skin.

Using sunscreen without following the recommended steps can significantly reduce your protection against the sun. Using half of a product with SPF 50 may actually provide you with protection of a product with SPF of 7. It is important to read the guidelines carefully before using any sunscreen product.


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