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Skinuva- Brite
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Skinuva- Brite

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    Skinuva® Brite is a physician-designed and clinically tested skin brightening product that has been shown to reduce the appearance of hyperpigmentation such as dark spots and discoloration on the face and body. Types of hyperpigmentation include melasma, post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation, under eye hyperpigmentation and sun spots (solar lentigines). Skinuva® Brite does not contain hydroquinone, retinol, nor any silicone, and safe to use on children, pregnant, or breast-feeding women.

    Size:  1 oz. (30 mL)

    Usage Instructions

    It is recommended to apply Skinuva® Brite twice a day. Results may be seen as early as 30 days, but best results are seen with long term use.


    Skinuva® Brite uses ingredients that have been shown to work through medical literature.

    • Selective Synthetic Growth Factors:including Epidermal Growth Factor and others that have been shown to help reduce the appearance of hyperpigmentation.
    • Tranexamic Acid:heavily backed by data, it helps minimize the appearance and recurrence of discoloration and stubborn brown patches with continued use.
    • Vitamin C:powerful antioxidant and also prevents melanin production.
    • Arbutin: found in bearberry plants and reduces hyperpigmentation


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